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EURYDIKE is an individual, exclusive borderline experience within an interactive virtual-analogue room installation. Each of them alone and within a limited period of time, the visitor takes part in a self-experiment, which might have physical and mental effects. The boundaries between reality and fiction will be blurred. 


Accepting the Conditions of Participations as well as the Terms and Conditions as binding is a prerequisite for each visitor to take part in the live experience EURYDIKE.

The Conditions of Participation for EURYDIKE are available in German and in English and they are as follows:




Visiting EURYDIKE and entering the event venue is only possible with a valid, personalised ticket. Visitors are obliged to prove their identity at the venue. For reduced tickets, the visitor has to carry and show an identity document to prove their entitlement to the respective price reduction.


Tickets will only be sold for personal and private use.


Tickets for EURYDIKE are event-related and will therefore not be refunded.


Tickets for EURYDIKE are personalised. Due to these Conditions of Participation it is not allowed to pass tickets on to another person. If one buyer purchases several tickets in order to pass them on to other persons, all participants shall commit to accept the Conditions of Participations of EURYDIKE as well as the Terms and Conditions of München Ticket via the buyer. The buyer shall indicate first and family names – and possibly further data – of all additional participants on purchase of the tickets.


2.a. EURYDIKE is released for participants as of 18 years of age.

2.b. An official proof of age (e.g. identity card) has to be provided at the venue.



EURYDIKE is a live experience, which will be prepared for each booking and which will only be reserved for the booked period of time. Only one visitor at a time will be admitted to enter the experience for 30 minutes. Visitors who arrive after the beginning of the booked period of time will not be granted admittance for their respective booking anymore. As the booking system is based on a fixed appointment for each ticket, late admittance will not be granted. In this case, the ticket will expire without substitution. The operator shall not be obliged to offer the buyer an alternative appointment.


The operator recommends the visitors to arrive as early at the venue that they can start their booked slot on time.




The event organiser points out that using the provided technologies, which help to transform the installation EURYDIKE into a haptic experience, includes not yet scientifically examined risks. The following indications and rules shall prevent the visitor and their environment from suffering possible consequences and damages.


Ein Besuch von EURYDIKE empfiehlt sich nicht bei:


  • Heart diseases

  • Cardiac pacemakers or any other implanted medical devices

  • High blood pressure

  • Claustrophobia

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Epilepsy

  • Pregnancy

  • Susceptibility to sickness

  • Fainting

  • Migraine

  • Susceptibility to vertigo

  • Influenza, common cold, earache

  • Sleep deprivation

  • Eye diseases (e.g. strabismus, blindness)

  • Reduced mobility: conditions which influence the body's ability to move freely
    (amongst others injured/broken limbs, plaster casts, crutches, etc.)

  • Mental instability (amongst others post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.)

  • Emotional distress

  • Any physical and mental handicaps and conditions, which are similar to the


Please consult your doctor in case of any above-mentioned conditions before you visit EURYDIKE.


Irrespective of above-mentioned conditions, the event organiser points out that physical or mental side-effects and after-effects might occur or that existing symptoms might intensify, amongst others:


  • Feelings of discomfort

  • Heat development

  • Sweat outbreaks, extreme sweating

  • Vertigo

  • Sickness

  • Motion sickness

  • Increased heart rate

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Anxiety, panic attacks

  • Claustrophobia, Fear of the dark

  • Dizziness, Fainting

  • Impairment of vision (blurred vision, double vision, eyestrain)

  • Perception disorders

  • Uncontrolled twitching and uncontrolled movements of eyes, muscles and other parts of the body

  • Impaired hand-eye coordination and impaired sense of balance

  • Disorientation

  • Seizures

  • Pressure pain, pressure marks on the face



It is at the visitor's discretion, if they want to continue or stop the experience on perception of any symptoms mentioned in Clause 4.c. If any of the above-mentioned symptoms occur, the event organiser recommends the visitor to stop the experience, to contact the staff at the venue and to consult a doctor subsequently.


Even for visitors who don't perceive any symptoms, the event organiser recommends a waiting period of 15 minutes after the experience before driving vehicles, operating machines or pursuing any visually or mentally demanding activities which might have serious consequences (i.e. that occurring symptoms might lead to death, injuries or damage to property) or before pursuing any other activities which require undisturbed eye-hand coordination (for example doing sports, riding a bike etc.), until they have completely recovered from all symptoms.

Visitors who experience any symptoms shall not pursue any of the above-mentioned activities until they have completely recovered from all symptoms.


Double bookings – visiting EURYDIKE twice – at the same day is not recommended due to potential after-effects and side-effects.


Each visitor will be equipped with technology and clothing at the venue. The equipment is an essential part of the experience. The visitors shall commit to wearing the clothing (amongst others protective suits, shoes, gloves), which will be handed out at the venue, as well as the technical tool kit (amongst others headset, headphones) during the time of the experience. The visitors are obliged to be careful with the equipment and not to tamper with it. The visitors are requested to move slowly and carefully wearing the equipment.


The event organiser recommends the visitors to wear tight clothing, which enables mobility (wearing trousers is beneficial), as well as flat, closed shoes. Shoes with high heels (court shoes, high heels etc.) or open shoes (flip flops, sandals etc.) are not suitable for the environment and therefore not permitted.


Spectacle wearers can keep their spectacles on under the headset, if the frame of the spectacles is not too big – wearing spectacles can nevertheless lead to pressure marks or an uncomfortable fit to the face. The event organiser therefore recommends the visitors to wear contact lenses.Visiting the experience in case of any lack of normal clear vision is not allowed for safety reasons.When wearing the headset, the real environment can only be perceived partially.


To grant free movement, it is not allowed to carry any personal items like jackets, coats, bags, rucksacks etc. – this also applies to any aid devices like tools, technical and technological devices like mobile phones, cameras, microphones and other recording devices as well as objects which bear any risk of potential injuries.

Visitors have the possibility to lock their personal items at the venue.


Visiting EURYDIKE and any associated facilities under the influence of alcohol or any drugs, which might cause emotional changes, or under the influence of any banned substances is not allowed. Carrying or consuming alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or any similar substances within EURYDIKE and any associated facilities is not allowed.


The event organiser and the staff at the venue reserve the right to prevent persons from using and entering EURYDIKE and any associated facilities, if these persons are not able or willing to take part in EURYDIKE in accordance with the safety regulations. This decision will be based on the assessment of the event organiser or of the staff at the venue.


If visitors terminate the EURYDIKE experience before completion, the operator will not assume any liability or grant any reimbursement.




The visitor agrees to enter EURYDIKE and any associated facilities at their own risk and to use them with care.


The operator will not assume any responsibility or liability for any potential damages or consequences  – including any damages or consequences concerning health or property  – if they occur due to any disregard of the Conditions of Participation and/or instructions at the venue and/or in case of negligence during the use of EURYDIKE and any associated facilities.


If a visitor damages EURYDIKE or any associated facilities culpably or uses them negligently or neglects the Conditions of Participation, the live experience will be terminated immediately. Visitors don't have any right for reimbursement of the ticket costs. The visitor shall indemnify the event organiser and its service providers from any compensation claims of third parties.


In case of culpable damage to equipment, technology and devices etc. within/of EURYDIKE or any associated facilities, the visitor shall be obliged to pay compensation to the event organiser or to the respective owner of the damaged item.


Within the context of the duty of care, the event organiser shall be allowed to monitor the live experience. The visitor shall agree that they will be recorded during the live experience.


Areas without admission for visitors shall not be entered.




Any return of tickets or refund of the ticket price is impossible, except if the event is cancelled, postponed, relocated or terminated by the event organiser for reasons within the event organiser’s control.



The visitor shall commit not to remove any elements from EURYDIKE and any associated facilities, share them with third parties or use them for their own purposes or for purposes of third parties  – this especially applies to any commercial purposes. This includes any aesthetic, textual, playful, technical or technological elements, ideas, rules, mechanisms and implementations.


Photography, video or sound recordings within/of EURYDIKE and any associated facilities are not permitted. It is not permitted to bring any technical, electronic, technological devices to EURYDIKE.




Visitors shall note that photography, film and sound recordings might be taken during their visit, on which the visitors will might be seen and/or heard.


The event organiser shall be permitted to distribute and/or publicly communicate sound, photography, film or video recordings of the event or of parts of the event, which are made by the event organiser during the live experience, via internet, radio, television, data carriers (e.g. DVDs, CD-ROMs etc.) or via other media, including those which might be created in the future, or support through third parties for such activities shall be permitted for the event organiser, if the visitors can’t be identified and recognised personally..




The event organiser reserves the right to correct and adapt these Conditions of Participation. Visitors shall take care to inform themselves about the current status of the Conditions of Participation.


Should any provision of these Conditions of Participation be or become invalid or impracticable, this shall not affect the remaining provisions.


The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. This choice of law shall not prejudice the application of any provisions, which cannot be derogated from by agreement according to the laws of the country where the visitor has their habitual residence.

Copyright by Evelyn Hriberšek 2023


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